Bolivia Vega

Stanford Profile

Research Interests

My research interests relate to experimental investigation of oil recovery in low-permeability resources, such as diatomite. My research explores the impact of different variables related to the recovery method (such as temperature, injection mode, miscibility conditions, injected fluid) and/or rock properties and how these are altered (wettability, porosity and permeability) and how they affect the effectiveness of the total oil recovered. I use X-ray imaging as a supporting technology to complement and enhance the data and the simulation modelling of these processes.

I am also interested in shale rock characterization though X-ray imaging and through analog materials experimentation, as a fundamental step towards its profiling as a viable resource for CO2 sequestration, and as oil and gas source. In particular, I conduct meso and nano scale imaging on shale samples to help better understand its microstructure and how fluid flows through it.